Hoyle Waterproof Playing Cards




Outdoor lovers will instantly fall in love with this unique deck of water-resistant cards! Hoyle brand waterproof playing cards are ultra-durable, waterproof, and make any poker game more fun by being clear. Perfect for the beach, pool or camping, these cards are well-suited for almost any wet or humid situation.

Hoyle waterproof cards were designed and constructed for card players of all ages who want durable, waterproof playing cards for their gaming needs. Way beyond typical plastic playing cards, they’re washable, flexible, easy to shuffle, and packaged in a clear reusable plastic case.

Features water-resistant playing cards:
– Clear is more fun! Although the cards are clear, the card faces are easily visible.
– Flexible, hand-washable, and easy to shuffle.
– 100% Waterproof.
– Perfect to take to the beach, pool, or camping.
– 54 Poker size playing cards including 2 Jokers.
– Printed on premium clear plastic cardstock. hot sun or warm playing areas are best avoided

ATTENTION!: Do not use these Hoyle waterproof playing cards in extreme temperatures, hot sun or warm playing areas can best be avoided. These Hoyle playing cards are not suitable for use in: Jacuzzi, hot tubs, saunas or spas.

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